"I've always dreamed of being an old philosopher. So far I've achieved one out of two!"

Welcome to "Ethan's Album"

Created by his very proud Grandpa, Gerry Reid, and last updated on 12/15/1999 .

Ethan Eliel Reid says, "My Grandpa is great with kids! He should have had some!" 

January, 1999  | Top |

FEB066-1.jpg (39774 bytes)Hello world! I'm just 20 minutes old, and I'm I tired, but I just had to get a look at my Daddy! People say I look just like my Mommy did when she was a baby. EER90122.jpg (48337 bytes)Ahhhh - There's nothing like that first nap in the hospital. Now if the media and nurses will just take a break, I'll get some sleep. You can already tell that I've got my Daddy's mouth and that great smile of his! FEB061-1.jpg (55984 bytes)My first day home, January 24, 1999 - The journey of a lifetime has begun. - - - I think I'll take another nap.

April, 1999 | Top |

ETHAN406.jpg (66331 bytes)April 6 - I'm two and a half months old now and I really enjoy playing with my Grandpa! ETHAN01a.jpg (58805 bytes)Boo! My Daddy took this picture and it just cracks everyone up!

June, 1999 | Top |

EER0714d.jpg (39717 bytes)PLEEEEEZE, Grandpa, don't tickle me again! EER0714e.jpg (60365 bytes)Guess who I've got wrapped around my little finger?  (Hey, Grandpa - How's my web page coming along?)

July, 1999 | Top |

EER0714a.jpg (25441 bytes)My Grandpa has been baby sitting me each morning for a few weeks. We are really becoming a team!  I don't know who's having the most fun. 

Just like my Grandpa, I have a few opinions to share with the world, such as . . .

EER0714c.jpg (32424 bytes)"Wouldn't you rather play with me than work late?"

This is one of my Grandpa's strongest messages to his audiences - Put Your Family First! - If you are worried about losing your job, just consider what you'll do if you lose your family! - And, too much time at work just might cause that to happen.

EER0714b.jpg (28165 bytes)"Yeah, right - they can't survive without you!"

My Grandpa says, "Your family can't survive without you, so turn off that computer and go home on time tonight! If you are already home, turn off that computer, go to the people you love and give them a bunch of hugs and kisses!"

EER0714g.jpg (20447 bytes)"Toes have always been more interesting than work."

How about a game of 
'This Little Piggy?' "

August, 1999 | Top |

EER90921.jpg (26488 bytes)I have two teeth now, and am almost sitting up by myself! Everyone says this is the best picture of me to date. 

Of course it is - my Grandpa took it!

EER9092a.jpg (27621 bytes)Talking about my Grandpa - - - Man, he cracks me up! I love it when he baby sits me. We play, nap, eat, nap, laugh, nap, and have a great time. (Don't tell anyone, but I think he doesn't even mind changing my diapers - and that's a BIG change since my Daddy was my age. - Just ask my Grandma!) We sure have a lot in common - especially the napping part.  EER9092c.jpg (17618 bytes)I've been practicing making this silly face. It makes my Mom laugh every time! Once in a while, I actually whistle! (I'll remember to use that when I want my Grandpa to do something for me.) EER9092b.jpg (34656 bytes)
Oh, no! Here comes the "Grandpa Attack" again! Yah- HOOOO! (I love it - I love it - I love it!)

September, 1999 | Top |

EER9092d.jpg (17271 bytes)I'm 8 months old now and I can sit up all by myself. Hey, what's that? A new toy? For me?  EER9092f.jpg (20299 bytes)Grandpa took this picture of me while Grandma was making faces at me. She's so cool - must have learned all that charm from Grandpa! EER9092e.jpg (16855 bytes)Well, Grandma - here's my best silly face, just for you! "Ooo-Ooo, Woo- Woo!" My whistling is really getting great. Matter of fact, it's so good, when my Daddy took me to the store recently, he had to tell the cashier that the whistling sound was coming from me, and not from her scanner!

October, 1999 | Top |

eer9910c.jpg (19853 bytes)I love Mondays! That's the day I get to spend with my Grandpa! On our day together we play, and eat, and sleep, and update my web page! Actually, my Grandpa does the update while I do the playing and sleeping. eer9910b.jpg (18431 bytes)Can't have an update without my special "Ooo-Ooo" face. I practice it whenever I want to get someone to smile. I've got a great new face I make  while I'm eating, but Grandpa hasn't figured out how to feed me and photograph me at the same time! eer9910a.jpg (20296 bytes)I save my "handsome" smile for all the girls in my life - like my Mom and Grandma. I sure do like to smile. Everyone says I'm a very happy and contented baby, especially when I get these three things : "Grand Hugs! Grand Kisses! Grandpa!" 

November, 1999 | Top |

EER9910D.jpg (32053 bytes)Here's my favorite outfit! It says, "Grand Hugs, Grand Kisses, Grandpa!" My Grandma is helping me stand up so you can see how big I'm getting.

EER9910E.jpg (40345 bytes).This is Grandma and  Grandpa's official Grandbaby rocking chair. I know it's mine for now, so I plan to wear it out B.C. (Before Cousins!)

EER9910G.jpg (44940 bytes)
Daddy, Mommy, Grandma and Grandpa took me to the pumpkin patch at my church, Rejoice Lutheran in Coppell, Texas where my Daddy is an Associate in Ministry. Only Grandpa wanted to pose for this picture with me. In case you were wondering, he's the one on my right.
EER9910F.jpg (44089 bytes)Grandpa bought me a pumpkin for Halloween (even though he really doesn't like Halloween) - He told me, confidentially, that I was the cutest pumpkin in the whole field - and who wants to argue!

December, 1999 | Top |

EER9911A.jpg (26554 bytes)Have you ever contemplated a spoon? I have and it usually tells me it's time to eat! 

By the way, I still make this silly face to everyone I meet - it has become my way of saying, "Hi, I like you!" (It works on everyone!) 

EER9911B.jpg (18311 bytes)Hey, Grandpa! Speaking of lunch . . . 

I sure enjoy my Monday's with Grandpa - I'm getting better and better at wearing him out in just 10 hours, but he never complains. Grandma can't understand why he's so tired at the end of our day together. 

EER9911D.jpg (44203 bytes)Grandma comes home for lunch on Monday's so we can visit. We sure do laugh a lot, especially when we play "one.... Two... THREE!" I always know something great is going to happen on THREE, but, I never know exactly what! 
EER9911C.jpg (18551 bytes)Here's the best picture to date (according to Grandpa.) It shows my teeth and my happiest smile. I've got five teeth now with the sixth and seventh ready to bust out any minute. I'm sure my Grandpa will update my page as soon as the Christmas pictures are processed, so stay tuned! 

Meanwhile, have a very Merry Christmas and don't forget what Christmas is all about - A wonderful baby! (Jesus was the most beautiful baby ever - and he certainly was the most important!)  

Well, that's all for now. Be sure to give my Grandpa a call the next time you need a really great guy to inspire your people - He sure inspires me! (And, I think I just might fire him up a little bit, too!)  

His business information is right here: (When you call him, say "Ethan told me to call!" - Maybe I'll get a commission!)