"I've always dreamed of being an old philosopher. So far I've achieved one out of two!"

Gerry Reid Speaking

"I would like to do business with you!"

Gerry Reid Speaking

is what I call my business
because that is exactly what I do!

My business is helping you and other people learn new Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge to assure success and happiness. In other words, to help you . . .

"Get Your ASK in Gear!"

In conjunction with my theme of "ASK" all my materials are designed with a balance of:

  • Inspiration for changing Attitude.
  • Practical things to do in order to change Skills.
  • Current research and information to enhance your base of Knowledge.

My primary business is professional speaking. ("Professional speaking" means both "Not Amateur" and "For Fee.") I offer motivational speeches, training workshops, educational seminars, team creativity facilitation, futures analysis, change management, leadership coaching, and business consulting.

Because of my activities as a writer, I am also "Gerry Reid Writing." I research, develop, design and deliver written materials for your business, and your personal and professional growth. I also design and produce brochures, advertising materials and web pages. Whether it is writing or speaking, I focus on topics necessary for success:

Specifically, everything I do is concerned with delivering "How-to" processes:

  • How to cope with change.
  • How to be creative and innovative.
  • How to influence others with competence and integrity.
  • How to establish and maintain a healthy balance between career success and personal/family happiness.

YOU are my most important marketing tool!

When my business grows, I grow, and in turn I can better help you grow. It is a wonderful mutual support system. Just as I help you grow and succeed with innovative and useful personal and professional development ideas, you can help me grow and succeed, also!

I deal directly with meeting planners and others involved with organizing meetings, conferences, special events and conventions. Please contact me when either you, or a meeting planner you know, are preparing business meetings, civic celebrations and special events, or professional association conferences and conventions.

Let's discuss how I can help you lead change, generate creative ideas and communicate successfully with others. No matter what business you are in, I want to help you get the best in motivation, training and education for your most valuable resource - your people!

My catalog, containing descriptions of all my speeches, workshops and seminars, is on-line for your review. Please take a look and tell your meeting planners about it. On request, I will send you my very latest, personalized full color catalog containing:

  • My Biography
  • My Mission, Vision and Objectives Statement
  • Descriptions of My
  • Keynote Speeches (Attitudes, Motivation, Inspirational Insights)
  • Classroom Workshops (Skills, Training, Experiential Hands-On)
  • Seminars (Knowledge, Education, Group and Team Facilitation)
  • ASK for Success! (Description and Table of Contents)
  • My Business Principles
  • References, Fee Schedule
  • Additional Background Information