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Gerry Reid -- Fees &
Tips for Attracting Top Speakers

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Gerry Reid

I am a professional speaker, educator, consultant and author. I make my living through fees paid for the research, development, and professional delivery of information vital to the success of people and businesses.

Multiple events and multi-day consulting contracts are given special consideration. Discounts available for certain nonprofit organizations depending on topic, location, audience type and size.

"Everything is Negotiable." If your audience needs my information, then together, we will find a way to get it to them. Reserve your date, today!

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The following ideas will help your organization generate the fees and incentives necessary to obtain high-quality professional speakers and programs. Combine several of these ideas for the greatest effect.

Tips for Attracting Top Speakers:

  • Charge a fee greater than the normal meeting fee. This is an active rather than passive way for the attendees to appreciate the value of the speaker and the information.
  • Purchase the speaker's books, tapes or other products for each attendee. This also provides an ongoing reminder of the meeting. Customize the products for the event.
  • Allow the speaker to sell books, tapes, and related products from a "back-of-room" display or at an exposition booth.
  • Reassign funds available in other budget categories to the speaker fee category. Use funds from catering, speaker gifts, travel, education, publicity, savings, future meetings, etc.
  • Solicit corporate sponsors to underwrite the speaking fee in exchange for recognition, goodwill and advertising. Sponsors may be found in local retail businesses, industry, media, civic organizations and community groups.
  • Invite local travel agencies to donate airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, etc. in exchange for newsletter advertising, special displays and announcements.
  • Contract multiple speaking engagements at a reduced "per event" rate for your group.
  • Invite meeting planners, human resource managers and decision makers from organizations and companies who need similar presentations and speaking services.
  • Share the speaking fee and travel expenses with other local organizations by holding a joint meeting. Possible partners include corporations, businesses, chambers of commerce, civic organizations, special interest or religious groups, schools, universities, government, etc.
  • Coordinate multiple speaking engagements in the local area. Several organizations can pool their resources and get individualized events delivered at different locations.
  • Hold revenue generating and community awareness events such as raffles, auctions, garage sales and carnivals in preparation for your event.
  • Select topics important to both your membership and the community at large. Invite nonmembers of your organization and charge them an attendance fee.
  • Barter part of the fee. Offer products and services from your organization and its member companies.
  • Distribute speaker brochures and product advertisements in conference mailings.
  • Include a special speaker information sheet in registration packets. This is especially important in large conferences with many sessions from which to choose.
  • Highlight the speaker through an interview or special article in your newsletter before the meeting. Include a photograph of the speaker.
  • Give the speaker attendance lists or membership rosters with addresses for use in direct mailings.
  • Offer a "blind" mailing to your membership list.
  • Provide complimentary advertising space in your organization's newsletter.
  • Arrange for a local studio to donate professional audio or video tape recordings of the session. Present the master tapes to the speaker. Sell the finished product to the membership and pay a royalty to the speaker.
  • Assure newspaper, radio and TV coverage of your event and the speaker's sessions.
  • Persuade the media to interview the speaker on radio and TV shows and in local and regional newspapers.
  • Allow the speaker to bring guests and prospective clients to view the presentation.
  • Ask the speaker to "donate" part of the speaking fee

Use these ideas to enhance your organization's image, strengthen relationships with its members, and invoke community awareness. Call 214-316-1400 for further details and to reserve your date, today!


Rule of thumb regarding speaker fees:

When creating a budget for an event, allocate your speaker fee with the following in mind:

  • A minimum budget for a speaker fee should be approximately the same amount, per person, as would be budgeted for a catered dinner.

  • Compare the return on your meal investment with the return on your speaker investment. 

    • The benefit and physical nourishment of a meal lasts only a few hours. 

    • The benefit and mental nourishment of the motivation, information and education in a speech will last for days, weeks, months - and for some - a lifetime!

  • Speaker Travel and living expenses are usually in addition to the speakers fee.

NOTE: I stand by my business principles (3). My number one business principle is "Do what is right and fair for all parties" (1)  When you work with me, I focus on teamwork (2) and your success. Therefore, I break the paradigm held by most professional speakers of "one fee, regardless of client." I offer service and product flexibility (4) in such a way that, "Everything is Negotiable."

Call today (214-316-1400) to discuss fees and to reserve your dates!

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