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"Advanced Communication Skills Workshop"

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Advanced Communication Skills Workshop

A Workshop for Assuring Above Average Results from Your Communication Efforts

Every interaction with another person involves communicating. The results from any conversation or meeting are in direct proportion to the quality of the communication process. With the skills learned in this course, you become more able to competently express yourself and clearly understand others. Ultimately, this means getting the most benefit from the thinking and actions of clients, superiors, peers, subordinates, friends and family.

Through a sequence of multiple classroom exercises, the participant learns and practices the process of effective human communication. An ongoing scenario develops specific skills that build upon each other until the student achieves natural and effective application. Accelerated adult learning principles designed into the course assure significant skill transfer into the work environment.

Specific skills observed, studied, discussed and practiced include:

  • Experiencing the effect of past patterns on current and future perception.
  • Dealing with different perceptions and unique, individual experiences.
  • Understanding how people use seeing, hearing and feeling to process information.
  • Observing visual, verbal and visceral clues that reveal internal thinking processes.
  • Suspending normal patterns of thought to allow new thinking processes to occur.
  • Building, maintaining and enhancing rapport and respect with communication partners.
  • Aligning personal vision and mission with that of other people and organizations.
  • Setting goals and objectives to assure mutually beneficial results.
  • Selecting strategies for effective communication with different personalities.
  • Coping with normal human emotions invoked during change.
  • Formulating powerful questions to build the quality of information exchanged.
  • Directing the communication process through inquiry and verification events.
  • Developing stories to enrich communication effectiveness and understanding.
  • Applying analogy, metaphor and simile to maintain attention and interest.
  • Using accelerated adult learning techniques to enhance long-term memory.

Students completing this course leave with multiple new communication and perception abilities. These skills empower them to be far above average as communicators, educators, leaders, managers and mentors in all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

This course is facilitated by its author, Gerry Reid. Networking with other students and the author is encouraged. Gerry Reid distributes e-mail updates on a weekly basis to all students wanting to receive them. Advanced training and mentoring programs are available to graduates who wish to become instructors of this course and its corresponding materials.

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