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"Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge for Success Workshop"

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Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge for Success!

A Workshop to Enhance Your Image and Maximize Your Potential

Attitudes, Skills, Knowledge. These are the three things that allow us to achieve our greatest potential. When all three are fully engaged and valued equally, there is no limit to what one can accomplish.

Properly applied attitudes, skills and knowledge, enables you to have a balance between your job (the technology) and your personal life (people, family, friend). When such balance in place, you experience the least stress and the most enjoyment from life.

Gerry Reid delivers this results-oriented, skill-based workshop based on his book, ASK for Success! Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge to Enhance Your Image and Maximize Your Potential. Gerry personally coaches leads each individual through an advanced workbook filled with skill sharpening exercises, knowledge enhancing discussions and attitude activating projects. Participants learn dozens of easy-to-use tips and techniques for discovering, clarifying and enhancing their unique interests, priorities and abilities.

By participating in this workshop, each student is assured of being able to more fully motivate themselves to achieve greater satisfaction on the job and in their personal lives. New skills learned enable each person to lead and mentor others in the six basic elements of success. Using the foundations established in this workshop, all participants will be well on their way to building a set of knowledge and resources they can use to make the rest of their lives more satisfying and rewarding.

The workshop covers all of the following topics (and more) in enjoyable skill-building and awareness-raising exercises:

  • Give Others What You Demand in Them.
  • Do It Yourself and L.E.A.R.N.
  • Educate Yourself, Study Outside Your Field.
  • Keep a Journal.
  • Create a Humor File.
  • Do Things with Urgency and Commitment.
  • Delegate Whenever Possible.
  • Stand Out from the Crowd.
  • Enjoy Recognition.
  • Have a Ten-Second Commercial.
  • Describe Your Abilities Clearly.
  • Sell Your Ideas Well.
  • Ask Questions.
  • Communicate in Parallel with People.
  • Give Praise to Others.
  • Have a Support Network.
  • Volunteer for "People" Things.
  • Be an Active Citizen.
  • Embrace Change.
  • Find Something Good in Everything.

Each student leaves this workshop with an autographed copy of ASK for Success, an advanced workbook filled with experiences, several personal journals, and numerous mementos. These items, combined with the mastery of new attitudes, skills and knowledge assure the graduate is fully empowered and enabled to continue their personal journey to success.

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