"I've always dreamed of being an old philosopher. So far I've achieved one out of two!"

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"Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge for Success!"

also known as

"Techies are People, Too!"

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Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge for Success!

Also Known As:

Techies are People, Too! 17 Bits to Set On or Off For Success

Note: This presentation is a run through the content of my book "A.S.K. for Success" 

Description for publicity:

During a lifetime in business, we see and hear many ways to develop ourselves as professionals. We jot a note here and there and think "I'm going to do that, starting next week!" Unfortunately, by the time next week gets here we have lost either the idea or the enthusiasm to do it. At least Gerry Reid kept his notes!

In this session Gerry shares his growing collection of powerful tips, techniques and tidbits for success. During his thirty years in the high-tech industry, Gerry was labeled both leader and follower; lame duck and wild duck; traditionalist and futurist; wall flower and creative thinker; one to resist change and one to support change. For the most part, he did the right things at the right times and kept a healthy balance of attitude, skill and knowledge while dealing with both people and technology.

The ideas presented in this speech are immediately applicable and easy to do. Using them will significantly strengthen your ability to increase your self-worth, your value to the business, and your value to other people. Based on his book, Attitudes Skills and Knowledge for Success, this engaging, high-content motivational presentation is filled with practical, usable and helpful suggestions for personal and professional growth. You will be confirmed in your pride about yourself and challenged in your thinking about the person you will ultimately become.

"Finally, a targeted session that brings balanced maturity to the technology explosion!"

"Exactly what I need to advance my career!"

Further description for meeting planners and decision makers:

This speech is a presentation of more than two dozen characteristics of successful and admired professional people. Each point in the presentation is an excerpt from my book ASK for Success published by Edwin Thomas & Sons. Audience participation includes the gathering of characteristics of successful technical people. Short exercises dramatically illustrate that positive attitude traits are more in demand than skill and knowledge abilities. All attendees leave with an outline for improving their professional image.

Suggested alternate title:
  • Twenty-One Ways to Be a Better Person and Do a Better Job

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