"I've always dreamed of being an old philosopher. So far I've achieved one out of two!"

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"Belief Systems: Your B.S. is as Good as (or Better Than) My B.S.!"

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Belief Systems: Your BS is as Good as (or Better Than) My BS

Description for publication:

When someone accuses you of being full of BS, they are right! Your BS (Belief System) is full of your Best Stuff because it is what you Believe Sincerely. You have every right to be a BSer (Belief Spreader), after all, BSing (Belief Spreading) is an art. And, a good BSer has a whole bunch of BS to discuss: what it means to Be Special, how to Boost Someone to achieve more, the real meaning of their Bumper Stickers, what's hidden behind their Big Smile.

This newly revised, fun-filled motivational session is not just another Boring Speech. Bold Statements inspire and encourage you to Break the Shackles of negative thinking and Beautiful Sentiments make your heart Beat Stronger for a Better Society. You learn more than half a dozen Basic and Specific techniques to help you become a real difference maker in this fast-paced world. Finally, you come to know that Your BS is the BEST!

By Slipping into this Bodacious Session Benefits Show-up such as:

  • 1. Identifying your most important Belief Systems.
  • 2. Increasing your Bragging Strategy.
  • 3. Learning a Basic System to S.H.A.R.E. your Belief Systems.
  • 4. Establishing at least one new Buddy Situation (friendship).
  • 5. Becoming an "Official BSer" with all rights and privileges contained therein.

"You changed my outlook for the rest of my life!"

"Great way to start the conference week!"

Further description for meeting planners and decision makers:

When associated with this speech ( my trademark speech since 1987) my audience affectionately knows me as "The Ol' BSer." Belief Systems is an active, fun-filled speech and is a perfect way to interject smiles and enthusiasm into any group.

Belief Systems is an enjoyable, humorous and engaging sequence of ideas, challenges and exercises, all dealing with positive human relationships. I guide the audience into thinking positively about whatever challenge or activity is before them. Partnership exercises identify individual beliefs, increase positive self-image, instill respect for the views of others and generate a willingness to be open-minded.

The term BS is used in many forms (all very positive and acceptable) to illustrate that we share our Belief Systems every time we interact with another person. Everyone in attendance is given the title of Official BSer (Belief Spreader)! Belief Systems uses humor, storytelling, visuals, simple physical and mental activities. I lead the audience on a journey of improving interpersonal communications with others.

Through personal discovery, this major message evolves: Every individual has value and ideas worth sharing. Specific ideas presented help participants

  • 1) in thanking the special people in their lives who have significantly contributed to them.
  • 2) to encourage others to achieve more.
  • 3) make a difference for themselves by following through with their own good intentions.

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