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"Coping with Change and Leading Others Through It"

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Coping with Change and Leading Others Through It

A Workshop on the Process of Influencing and Embracing Change

Dealing with Change is a thought provoking workshop or seminar leading the participant through a study of Paradigms; Graphic visual exercises illustrate how paradigms create assumptions, confusion, habits, opinions, judgments and even prejudices; Techniques explained help individuals cope with paradigm shifts, empower their individual potential and influence others to change.

After establishing a sound understanding of the power of paradigms, the seminar examines the key characteristics of the roles people play during change. Any change involves three key players. These players are: the paradigm shifter, the paradigm pioneer and the settler. A survey of specific habits of these players during recent social and technological change shows where the greatest threats and opportunities are most likely found. Five habits of successful pioneers are presented and discussed.

Using the base of knowledge created, a new paradigm can be developed. This new paradigm is vision. Questions answered include: How do the visions of corporations, communities, families and individuals relate to one another? How does an individual find success and satisfaction within a vision of community, team or corporation? Several exercises lead to the development of impact statements that describe what happens when an individual or organization has vision.

Using a simple metaphor, the participants learn how they can take a more active role in shaping the future. A set of guiding questions helps each person develop meaningful goals, mission and vision. A special focus also reveals the significance of individual contributions in support of corporate, community and global visions.

Working together in small groups, participants begin to precisely formulate the benefits and opportunities offered by community and corporate vision. Such vision provides extraordinary insights into the individual's role of making a difference in any situation, no matter how great or small.

The participant leaves this seminar having begun the formulation of a very real and specific vision for self, team, community and corporation.

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