"I've always dreamed of being an old philosopher. So far I've achieved one out of two!"

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"Eleven Secrets for a Successful Career and a Happy Personal Life"

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Eleven Secrets for a Successful Career and a Happy Personal Life

During a lifetime in business, we see and hear many ways to develop ourselves as professionals. We jot a note here and there and think "I'm going to do that, starting next week!" Unfortunately, by the time next week gets here we have lost either the idea or the enthusiasm to do it. At least Gerry Reid kept his notes! In this session he shares a powerful summary of tips, techniques and tidbits that truly "made a difference" during his 35 year career with GM, IBM and his own companies.

The ideas presented here are from Gerry's book, "Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge for Success" and are the ones most common among those who always seem to "get the breaks," "have good luck" and "come out on top." Adopting and adapting these ideas will significantly strengthen your ability to increase your self-worth, your value to the business, and your value to other people. You will be confirmed in your pride about yourself and challenged in your thinking about the person you will ultimately become.

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