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"Get Your A.S.K. in Gear!"

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Get Your A.S.K. in Gear! Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge for Career Success and Personal Happiness

Description for publicity:

Gerry Reid, author of "Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge for Success," personally invites you to attend this motivational and skill-oriented educational session based on his soon to be published second book, "Get Your ASK in Gear!" Learn nine "whys, whats and hows" of becoming a more valuable asset and resource to your employer, community, family, friends and self.

Skills and knowledge, without the proper attitudes to use them, are useless. Knowledge and positive attitudes, without practical skills to set them in motion them, are no more than theory. Skills and positive attitudes, without meaningful knowledge to direct them, are irrelevant.

The ability to master any mission in your life, whether it is career or personal accomplishment, requires balancing all three (attitudes, skills and knowledge) and applying them with competence. Your potential and your satisfaction in life are unlimited when all three are fully engaged and valued equally.

Attitudes are more than nebulous theories. Three specific techniques will create the proper attitude for any given situation. Skills are not always job dependent. Everyone needs three distinctive skills no matter what task is to be done. Knowledge goes beyond the diplomas and certificates on the wall. When you know three specific facts, you maximize your progress, advancement and growth, in all aspects of life.

"The Audience is really in touch with him!"

"Rekindles my enthusiasm for life!"

Further description for meeting planners and decision makers:

This highly motivational and emotional session describes a practical, down-to-earth approach to achieving a productive balance between professional career abilities and a happy, enjoyable personal life. Participant learn the importance of having attitudes, skills and knowledge as resources to strengthen their self-confidence, enhance their professional image, and rekindle their desire to thrive and succeed. When applied in a dedicated way, this learning creates a greater likelihood to get the promotion you deserve, survive the downsizing of today's corporate world, and gain admiration from friends, peers, managers and employees alike.

Three specific attitudes, three universal skills and three mandatory pieces of knowledge are presented that will improve and enhance anyone's career potential and personal satisfaction with life. The information covered in this session is from Gerry's new book ASK for Success! 21 Ways to Enhance Your Image and Maximize Your Potential published by Edwin Thomas & Sons.

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