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"Defining Project Goals and Aligning Them with Corporate Vision"

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Defining Project Goals and Aligning Them with Corporate Vision

Most projects are defined and assigned by higher management to support the overall Vision and Mission of the enterprise. However, the usable, measurable definition of the Objectives and Goals of each project are best done by the people who will allocate the resources and do the work. Your success depends on clearly understanding both the corporate Vision and defining measurable project Goals to support that Vision.

In this session, Gerry Reid presents his powerful VMOG model of project alignment and his question-based model for goal definition and measurement. You will learn to 1) define Goals and Objectives, 2) determine desired outcomes, 3) obtain project member buy-in, 4) analyze cost versus function and time, 5) establish measurable goals, and finally, 6) monitor and adjust progress toward the overall Mission and Vision of the larger organization.

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