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"Strategies for Successful Interpersonal Interactions"

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Strategies for Successful Interpersonal Interactions

A Workshop for Dealing with Different Personalities

Do you ever have a difficult time getting someone else to do something for you? Does it seem like some people just don't get it? In this session you learn how to deal with different types of personalities.

Awareness of these personality tendencies allows you to be a better communicator, motivator and team player on the job and in social and family situations. In just a few short minutes you will improve your skills for successfully interacting with other people, no matter what the circumstances: business or social, when on teams, teaching or selling, when dealing with subordinates, management, executives, superiors, peers, clients, customers, parents, spouses and children.

Gerry Reid leads this active and enjoyable workshop based on his newly developed Behavior Identification Instrument. After taking a self-scoring behavior profile, the participant will learn different ways people think, feel, act and communicate. Through exercises, short lectures and group discussions, you learn to identify and describe four basic personality traits, recognize your own combination of traits and select methods for interacting more successfully with others. Being able to identify and describe these personality traits and recognizing your own combination of traits leads to the selection of methods for communicating more successfully with others.

The Behavior Identification Instrument is a research based psychological profile that allows individuals to

  • 1) learn about basic human personality characteristics.
  • 2) identify those traits one uses on a day to day basis.

Full day and two day sessions are oriented to team building, teaching, marketing, selling or any other area dealing with person-to-person interactions. The full day session is oriented toward team building, teaching, marketing, personal goal setting or other selected subjects.

Note: This workshop is easily adaptable to any business, religious, civic or social interaction. It can be integrated into other subjects about interpersonal communication to provide a base of understanding of human personality and behavior interactions.

Suggested alternate titles:
  • People Technology: Strategies for Dealing with Different Personalities

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