"I've always dreamed of being an old philosopher. So far I've achieved one out of two!"

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"Sparking Your Creativity: New Thinking, New Results"

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Sparking Your Creativity: New Thinking, New Results!

"If you continue to think
in ways you've always thought,
you'll continue to get
what you've always got!"

To fire up your creative abilities you must focus on ways to change your thinking. Gerry Reid is a master of creative thinking and his practical, easy-to-use techniques are guaranteed to produce creative results.

Gerry's simple model of creative thinking begins in "red" mode, where you focus on the situation in need of creative ideas. A shift into "blue" thinking starts an indirect process of associative and divergent thinking which leads to "yellow" thinking where you discover a universe filled with an infinite creative thoughts.

Easily learned, the techniques of acrostics and analogy will become your "instant creativity" tool and will forever change your ability to quickly produce creative ideas and definitions. The message of this session is simply this: Anyone Becomes Creatively Directed, Eventually Fulfilled, Given Helpful Ideas. Just Knowing Little Methods Noticeably Organizes Powerful Quotations, Releasing Stellar Thoughts. Unique, Virtual Wisdom eXists, Yes! Zap-it, And Become Creative!

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