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"Sparking Your Creativity Workshop"

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Sparking Your Creativity: Creative Thinking Skills that Work!

A Workshop for Developing New Thinking and New Results

The business world changes constantly. To lead our industries, we must invest in our technical and service abilities. We must invest in our creativity also. Without a commitment to increase technical and service abilities, businesses die and the same is true if we do not increase our creative abilities. Investments we make in our creativity today will provide returns in technology and service that we cannot achieve otherwise.

Our future potential starts with the further development of creative thinking attitudes, skills and knowledge. The Creative Thinking Skills Workshop can make a significant difference in the ability of your personnel to think creatively. Virtually anyone with a positive attitude can obtain knowledge and skills necessary for successful creative thinking.

This course is a student-focused, skills-based workshop covering multiple creative thinking processes. The student will become proficient at developing creative alternatives in business, community, and personal situations. This course uses a recursive design so that the student experiences both their own learning and how to enhance the same learning in others.

Delivery methods used in this workshop include: demonstrations, discussions, exercises, drills, group activities, and research projects outside the classroom. Students will discover and exercise thinking abilities far beyond those used by the average person. Each student will produce a personalized creative thinking kit, and a post class networking resource list.

Upon completion of this class, in any business, community or personal situation, the fully participating student can:

  • Generate more creative options by:
    • Applying processes to generate ideas and options outside current thinking. Using techniques to help stimulate spontaneous thinking. Recording information efficiently to capture potentially innovative ideas.
  • Lead and encourage effective creative thinking in others by:
    • Applying facilitation skills to encourage and enable creative thinking. Coaching individuals during creative thinking and the innovative process. Displaying confidence in their own creative and innovative abilities.
  • Sort, test, and evaluate ideas by:
    • Identifying methods of sorting and filtering and their impact on innovation. Testing and evaluating creative alternatives for usable characteristics. Controlling tendencies to prematurely eliminate potentially innovative ideas.
Suggested alternate titles:
  • Breakthrough Idea Generation Workshop
  • Intelligent and Innovative Thinking Workshop

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