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"Using Powerful Questions to Assure Effective and Efficient Communication"

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Using Powerful Questions to Assure Effective and Efficient Communication

How can you be sure the technical information you have, or need, is accurately exchanged? How can you find out what your customer, boss, or client really wants? By asking powerful questions! Good questioning techniques are prerequisite to being a successful manager, coach, negotiator, presenter, teacher, listener, partner, parent, or friend.

In this hands-on laboratory you will learn to communicate more clearly, upgrade the quality of information exchanged, moderate extremes of opinion, and avoid unnecessary conflicts through the use of properly structured questions. Gerry Reid will help you master several very specific techniques that produce non-selling, non-threatening questions. With your new skills you will be able to accelerate the information gathering process, focus and direct a conversation toward building trust, confidence, friendship, and loyalty, and enhance your ability to be an interesting and informed conversationalist.

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