"I've always dreamed of being an old philosopher. So far I've achieved one out of two!"

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"Understanding Why People Resist Change"

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Understanding Why People Resist Change

Enhance your management and leadership abilities, increase your personal happiness and reduce undesirable stress by understanding the normal, healthy emotional reactions to change. This session uses provoking illustrations to help you learn how past experience generates current perceptions and how current perception creates a natural, self-protecting resistance to change.

In this session you will experience exercises that demonstrate how blind we are to perceiving even the simplest of today's ideas, especially if those ideas are in conflict with past experience. Apply what you learn here to free yourself and others from past failures; help people become aware of options they previously ignored; learn techniques to open the mind to the limitless possibilities of the future.

(Note: Coaching People Through Change: How to Deal with the Emotional Roller-Coaster is an excellent follow-up to this session to further build leadership and management skills.)

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