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"Understanding Why People Resist Change and Coaching Them Through it"

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Understanding Why People Resist Change and Coaching them Through it

Why do people react the way they do when change is proposed? What you can do to guide them through the process of change? Change can be good or bad, created by you or thrust upon you, planned or spontaneous. In order to be the best manager, leader, or coach, one must understand the normal, healthy emotional reactions to change and how to deal with them.

When going through change, one common underlying emotional system is at work. Previously touted to be of use only by psychologists and psychiatrists, Gerry Reid has shaped this model into a set of simple, usable actions that will help you successfully deal with, coach, and lead yourself and others through any kid of change. Once mastered, your ability to manage and lead change becomes easier, undesirable stress is reduced, and personal happiness increases.

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