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"Who's in Charge, If I'm Not?"

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Who's in Charge If I'm Not? The Danger of Just Letting Things Happen

Some people play an inactive, passive and submissive role when it comes to determining the future. "Whatever you folks want to do is OK with me!" Seems like that is the way to sit back and enjoy life. Why should I burden myself with the worries and stress of figuring it all out?

Much more danger is present here than you may think. Whether you take a passive or active role, an assertive or aggressive stance, a dominate or submissive posture, you are the one most significant planner of your life. You determine your future. By taking on the role of the follower, you literally risk you career, your happiness, and even life itself. However, creating a future for yourself filled with satisfaction, happiness and accomplishment is a formidable task, but it is possible.

This presentation takes you on a journey of discovery to learn if your vision of the future aligns with the vision held by those you follow. Find out if you need to protect yourself from people who will help you sacrifice your future for their personal gain. Find out what is really important to you and your loved ones. Learn the significance of individual vision for every person, in every situation, no matter how great or small.

Note: Your Future is a Projection of Your Past and Who's in Charge if I'm Not, when resented at one event, produce a powerful and complete life-changing philosophy. For a unique program, use both speeches, one as the opening keynote and the second as the closing keynote. These subjects will forever change your organization and members, for the better guaranteed!

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