"I've always dreamed of being an old philosopher. So far I've achieved one out of two!"


"When it comes to speakers, you deserve more than just talk!"

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When Gerry Reid is your speaker, you get MORE!  

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More than just Engaging Delivery...
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More than just Inspiring Motivation...
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More than just Content-Filled Speeches...
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Your audience gets MORE with these
Gerry Reid Speaking Exclusives!

green-blink-0.gif (1026 bytes)  FREE subscriptions to the ASK-Masters Newsletter.
green-blink-0.gif (1026 bytes) FREE access to my Professional Development Home Page and Archives.
green-blink-0.gif (1026 bytes) FREE Web page creation for YOUR event (or a hot-ink to your page).

green-blink-0.gif (1026 bytes) FREE consulting sessions for audience members via telephone.

Company Business Meetings
Professional Association Conferences
Civic Events - Conventions
Religious Gatherings
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"Your success is my most
important consideration. Period."

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Sincere, Caring Messages to
Activate Appropriate Attitudes
Practical, Useable Techniques to
Sharpen Strategic Skills
Focused, Helpful Ideas that
Kindle Relevant Knowledge

Gerry Reid is
The ASK-Master!

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Call Gerry Reid at 214-316-1400, Today!

A special note from Gerry Reid

Are you tired of paying

BIG bucks for

AVERAGE speeches with

little value?

"When it comes to speakers . . .
You deserve MORE than just talk!"

I give you MORE!

Over the years I have become more and more aware of (and professionally embarrassed by) motivational speakers who just "speak, sell and run." It is as if you and your audience are simply another statistic, another check, another conquest on the way to national acclaim.

I believe you deserve MORE!

MORE respect,
MORE value for your investment and
MORE than just listening to the speaker talk.

Get MORE for your speaker investment!

  • First and foremost, when I am your speaker, you get an engaging, inspiring, content-filled speech, workshop or seminar customized to YOUR objectives.

Of course, many speakers offer you that, and may even deliver on that promise! However, I give you MORE!

Let's start with the day we spend together:

  • I become part of YOUR EVENT TEAM.

Without extra charge to you, I will present additional breakout sessions for your event. I pitch in and help behind the scenes with registration, set-up or any other tasks at hand. I mingle with your attendees to get to know them personally and answer their questions one-on-one.

I give you even MORE!

(continued in next column)
  • Every person in your organization and audience is offered (GIVEN!) three exclusive, Gerry Reid Speaking services designed for continued growth and development of personal and professional abilities:

    • FREE! - The Personal and Professional Development Newsletter.

    • FREE! - The Personal and Professional Development Home Page.

    • FREE! - Telephone coaching and consulting.

Plus, I offer an additional valuable service for you and your event by creating a World Wide Web presence for your upcoming events.

  1. The Personal and Professional Development Newsletter. FREE! - Via e-mail every three weeks.
    The PPDN offers tips, techniques, ideas and resources for generating self-motivation, discovering your hidden potential, and learning how to find balance between your career success and a happy personal life.
  2. The Personal and Professional Development Home Page. FREE! - On the World Wide Web.
    The PPDHP is a practical, entertaining resource for finding the latest and most helpful personal and professional development education via the Internet, printed sources and other media.
  3. Personal and Professional Development Consulting. FREE! - I offer you, your staff and our audience FREE 30 minute consulting and coaching sessions via telephone. Any subject, any time. And, if I cannot answer their questions, I will help them find a source that can!  
  4. Web Pages for your upcoming events. FREE!
    If you do not have a web presence, I will create and host one for you! WITHOUT CHARGE!

Your next meeting, conference or convention can be MORE than just another event - it can be your best event ever!

When you think Meeting Success, think Gerry Reid Speaking! You and your audience will be delighted in the return on your investment when you select me as your speaker - Guaranteed!

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