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Gerry Reid's "Word Play"

Established by Gerry Reid and increased in value by your contributions!

This page is a collection of words or phrases that seem to be very different, even opposites, but have similar or identical meanings.

It is also a collection of a single words or phrases that have at least two very different (opposite) definitions.

What words can you add?

Different words or phases that mean the same thing:

  • Fat Chance = Slim Chance

Different meanings from the same word or phrase

  • Buckle: To Fasten Together or To Fall Apart
  • Engagement: Loving Tie or Military Battle
  • Downhill: Getting Easier or Getting Worse
  • Quite: Slightly (as in "quite nice") or Exceedingly (as in "quite impossible")
  • Temper: To Harden (as in steel) or to Soften (as in "justice with mercy")