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Biffy Clyro: Cultural Sons of Scotland 2020

Inspired by the industry wide reset, the band reflect on their careers for the first time as they reconnect with their homeland and create their 9th and most DIY record to date in the most unusual of environments.

Director: Jack Lowe

8,5 IMDB Rating 40 Views
The Co-Ed Killer: Mind of a Monster 2021

Follows the story and reality of Edmund Kemper, who appears to be a gentle giant who offers rides to young female hitchhikers, but is actually a perverted monster with a tormented childhood and dark sexual fantasies.

Director: Johnny Burke

6.4 IMDB Rating 29 Views
The Dog House 2019–

Observational documentary set inside Wood Green animal charity in Godmanchester. Following the work of staff, who are committed to matching their homeless dogs with prospective new owners.

8.5 IMDB Rating 25 Views
Bob Ballard: An Explorer’s Life 2020

Bob Ballard reveals the inside stories behind his most exciting discoveries, while sharing the personal triumphs, challenges and tragedies that led him to them.

7.0 IMDB Rating 37 Views
The Sound of Scars 2022

The story of three lifelong friends who overcame domestic violence, substance abuse and depression to form Life of Agony, one of the most influential bands in its genre, led by the very first openly transgender singer. Through the su

Director: Leigh Brooks

5.7 IMDB Rating 26 Views
Jackass Forever 2022

After 11 years, the Jackass crew is back for their final crusade.

Director: Jeff Tremaine

7.6 IMDB Rating 152 Views
Animal 2021–

This immersive series follows the world's most magnificent creatures, capturing never before seen moments from the heartwarming to the outrageous.

7.9 IMDB Rating 31 Views
Dads 2019

Director Bryce Dallas Howard teams up with her father, Ron Howard, to explore contemporary fatherhood through anecdotes and wisdom from famous funnymen such as Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon, Neil Patrick Harris, and more.

Director: Bryce Dallas Howard

5.9 IMDB Rating 302 Views
Capitalism: A Love Story 2009

Capitalism: A Love Story examines the impact of corporate dominance on the everyday lives of Americans (and by default, the rest of the world). The film moves from Middle America, to the halls of power in Washington, to the global financial epicenter in Manhattan. With both humor and outrage, the film explores the question: What is the price that America pays for its love of capitalism? Families pay the price with their jobs, their homes and their savings. Moore goes into the homes of ordinary people whose lives have been turned upside down; and he goes looking for explanations in Washington, DC and elsewhere. What he finds are the all-too-familiar symptoms of a love affair gone astray: lies, abuse, betrayal...and 14,000 jobs being lost every day. Capitalism: A Love Story also presents what a more hopeful future could look like. Who are we and why do we behave the way that we do?

Director: Michael Moore

Stars: William Black,Jimmy Carter,Elijah Cummings,Baron Hill

7.4 IMDB Rating 1,634 Views
Jungle Animal Rescue 2020

India is one of the most biodiverse countries on earth. A dedicated team of conservationists and vets are on a mission to rescue animals in distress and find a way for India's people and wildlife to coexist in harmony.

3.8 IMDB Rating 27 Views
A Story Called Gomorrah 2021

Documenting the genesis and the various stages of writing and production of the TV series "Gomorrah," based on the novel by Roberto Saviano.

8.7 IMDB Rating 43 Views
Undercurrent: The Disappearance of Kim Wall 2022

A two-part documentary, examining the disappearance and murder of journalist, Kim Wall, and the subsequent trial of her killer.

6,9 IMDB Rating 34 Views
Norske Krimsaker 2020

This documentary series tells the story of some of Norway's most famous criminal cases. Through those who were closest to the case, the series provides a new insight into the investigation work and the search for a perpetrator.

4,4 IMDB Rating 161 Views
Barbecue 2016

A symphony of meat and fire, Barbecue shows us how an everyday ritual is shared by cultures around the world, as a way to celebrate community, friendship, and tradition. A film told in 13 languages, from Texas to the Syrian border, from 'Shisanyama' to 'Lechon', Barbecue is a film about the simple truths in life that bring people together, and how barbecue is a path to salvation.

Stars: N/A

Whindersson Nunes : My Own Show 2022

Comedian Whindersson Nunes brings his quirky impersonations and streetwise takes on different cultures to the historic stage of Teatro Amazonas.

7,5 IMDB Rating 43 Views
Lucy and Desi 2022

This film will explore the rise of comedian icon Lucille Ball, her relationship with Desi Arnaz, and how their groundbreaking sitcom I Love Lucy forever changed Hollywood, cementing her legacy long after her death in 1989.

Director: Amy Poehler

7.9 IMDB Rating 44 Views
Chernobyl The New Evidence 1990–

On April 26, 1986 Reactor 4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded, releasing clouds of radioactive fallout into the atmosphere. New evidence reveals the serious concerns of the KGB and attempts by Soviet leadership to keep the story quiet.

7.7 IMDB Rating 42 Views
Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale 2021
7.3 IMDB Rating 37 Views
Attica 2021

This unnervingly vivid dive into the 1971 uprising from Emmy® winning director Stanley Nelson sheds new light on the enduring violence and racism of the prison system and highlights the urgent, ongoing need for reform 50 years later.

Director: Stanley Nelson,Traci Curry

7.5 IMDB Rating 40 Views
Dear… 2020–

An inventive approach to biographies of iconic figures in society by using letters written by those whose lives have been changed through their work.

6.7 IMDB Rating 33 Views
Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street 2021

Take a stroll down Sesame Street and witness the birth of the most impactful children's series in TV history. From the iconic furry characters to the songs you know by heart, learn how a gang of visionary creators changed our world.

Director: Marilyn Agrelo

8.1 IMDB Rating 44 Views
The Green Planet 2022–

Dive into a world where a single life can last a thousand years, with David Attenborough. See things no eye has ever seen, and discover the dramatic, beautiful plant life of Earth.

9.4 IMDB Rating 46 Views
Flee 2021

FLEE tells the extraordinary true story of a man, Amin, on the verge of marriage which compels him to reveal his hidden past for the first time.

Director: Jonas Poher Rasmussen

8.0 IMDB Rating 52 Views
Natascha Kampusch – A Lifetime in Prison 2019

Natascha Kampusch berättar om hennes åtta och ett halvt år i fångenskap efter att hon kidnappades som tioåring, samt om det mottagandet hon fick från allmänheten när hon flydde som 18-åring.

Director: Nicole Nielsen Horanyi

5,3 IMDB Rating 69 Views
Picabo 2022–

Chronicles the life of 1998 Olympic alpine skiing gold medalist Picabo Street, who was Lindsey Vonn's childhood hero. It features an emotional interview with Street and Vonn as well as behind-the-scenes footage.

6.8 IMDB Rating 31 Views
Detainee 001 2021

After 9/11, attention riveted on the capture of John Walker Lindh, known as "the American Taliban." Explore how America grapples with justice in the fog of war and how narratives are built and destroyed in the aftermath of battle.

Director: Greg Barker

6.3 IMDB Rating 43 Views
Frederick Douglass: In Five Speeches 2022

Inspired by David Blight's Pulitzer Prize-winning biography, Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom.

Director: Julia Marchesi

The Meaning of Hitler 2020

An inquiry into decades of cultural fascination with the Nazi leader, and the ramifications of such a fascination on present day politics.

Director: Petra Epperlein,Michael Tucker

5.6 IMDB Rating 33 Views
På gränsen med Peter Jihde

Peter Jihde åker till USA och möter människor vars åsikter är på gränsen till vad som är acceptabelt i Sverige. I USA finns det extrema människor - och lösningar. Vapen, droger och rasism är bara några av de kontroversiella ämnen som tas upp.

Russia’s Mystery Files 2014–

TV show about research into rumors from the former Soviet Union, which was a sinister country full of rumors and secrets.

Summer of Soul (…Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised) 2021

Summer Of Soul (...Or, When The Revolution Could Not Be Televised) is a feature documentary about the legendary 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival which celebrated African American music and culture, and promoted Black pride and unity.

Director: Questlove

8.1 IMDB Rating 46 Views
Generation Hustle 2021–

The lengths young people will go to for fame, fortune, and power.

6.9 IMDB Rating 35 Views
Buried Truth of the Maya 2019

Maya legend tells us that there is a hidden underground cave below Chichen Itza, now high tech archaeologists are here to find the buried truth.

Director: Bengt Anderson

5.5 IMDB Rating 35 Views
Janet Jackson 2022–

Follows Janet as her family is going through the loss of her father, Joseph, the patriarch of the Jackson dynasty who passed in 2018.

Director: Benjamin Hirsch

8.1 IMDB Rating 45 Views
Universe 2021–

Professor Brian Cox journeys across the vastness of time and space revealing epic moments of sheer drama that changed the universe forever.

8.4 IMDB Rating 79 Views
Tusen bitar 2014

Tusen bitar:– en film om Björn Afzelius is the title of the movie, Which was released in the year 2014 and it is in Documentary genre categories. Tusen bitar:– en film om Björn Afzelius was directed by and starts are Åge Aleksandersen, Björn Afzelius, Marianne Lindberg De Geer, Mikael Wiehe. Enjoy Tusen bitar:– en film om Björn Afzelius and many others on fmovies. HD Link provided by fmovies for our users.

Stars: Björn Afzelius,Åge Aleksandersen,Marianne Lindberg De Geer,Mikael Wiehe

7.3 IMDB Rating 2,049 Views
The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

A groundbreaking six-part documentary directed and produced by Andrew Jarecki and produced and shot by Marc Smerling (the Oscar nominated behind "Capturing the Friedmans (2003)") delves into the strange history of real estate heir Robert Durst, long suspected in the still-unsolved 1982 disappearance of his wife as well as the subsequent murders of family friend Susan Berman and neighbor Morris Black. It features an extended, revealing interview with Durst himself, with whom Jarecki developed a unique relationship following the release of "All Good Things (2010)", Jarecki's 2010 feature about Durst's life starring Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst. "The Jinx" results from nearly a decade of research by the filmmakers, who expose police files, key witnesses, never-before-seen footage, private prison recordings, and thousands of pages of formerly hidden documents.

8.8 IMDB Rating 6,012 Views
And Just Like That… The Documentary 2022

An exclusive and immersive documentary that offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the new chapter, "And Just Like That..."

Director: Fabien Constant

6,8 IMDB Rating 59 Views
The Tinder Swindler 2022

A fraud man who attracts women using the popular dating app and tricked them out of millions of dollars.

Director: Felicity Morris

Django & Django 2021

An homage to Italian director Sergio Corbucci of the 1960s and contemporary director Quentin Tarantino, recounting a memorable period in Italian cinema with the sensibility of today.

Director: Luca Rea

6.7 IMDB Rating 42 Views